Have What it takes to become a Great Interim CTO?

By Anthony Maiello, CEO & Founder VNCTech Group & VNC Technologies


The business landscape today is not only full of the normal array of technology disruptions, higher client expectations, and competition; It’s also now challenged with a major pandemic and uncertain times ahead. What does a company need to succeed today into the future?

Introducing the Interim Chief Technology Officer

Companies today are hungry for advice, knowledge, and direction that is laser focused on delivering the most value for their customers and also managing returning to work after the pandemic. This requires breaking away from traditional processes and methods of the past. Therefore, companies are often turning to experienced "outside" leadership that can bring fresh new ideas and experience ... companies are turning to interim Chief Technology Officers (iCTO) to provide insights and expertise.

A Few Guarantees in Business

So the saying goes, “times ... they are-a changin'”, and growing a business these days is no exception. In business today, we have a few guarantees pertaining to change:

  • Client expectations will change regularly

  • Technology will continue to disrupt and innovate

  • Compliance regulations will continue to evolve

  • Traditional business will continue to experience impacts - including the recent pandemic

These guarantees create incredible opportunities for growing


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