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Technology Strategy Full Service

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Turn your ideas into actions 

After years of false starts and continued rising development costs, this CIO
needed help to quickly hone and turn ideas into actions. They spent years
collecting a lot of data but the data was not driving business results.  He and his
leaders decided to seek outside help with the experience in successfully developing
and implementing data-driven technology frameworks and strategies for other
companies with proven business outcomes. He chose VNC's vast experience and our 
Data-Driven VNCPropel Platform to help enable a data-driven and actionable technology strategy aligned to business objectives.  

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Technology Strategy Coaching

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Get Expert Guidance 


This CEO staffed and surrounded herself with very innovative and technically
capable teams.  But she was not seeing technology progress delivering business
results and outcomes. Her teams came up with innovative ideas through a lot of
market research, but fell short in actually achieving their target business outcomes
due to not using their data correctly to improve better decisions making. She turned
to VNC and our Data-Driven VNCPropel Platform to help guide her and her team through the entire process of enabling a data-driven technology strategy.  In less than 3 months, with the help of our certified experts and
VNCPropel Platform,  she and her team developed a continuously growing, powerful ecosystem of validated data models integrating their data laser focused on improving business decision making and technology strategy. 


Deep Dive Assessments

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Dive for Opportunities.

This COO knows her organization’s technology infrastructure and business
processes better than anyone. But there was major concern after experiencing
a few outages and increases in operational spending. She and her leaders
turned to VNC's decades of problem solving skills and the power of the

Data-Driven VNCPropel Assessment Technology to reveal stabilization &
optimization opportunities for improvement. In less than 1 month, key pain
points were identified and prioritized actions put in place with KPIs already proving major progress in cost savings and stability.

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Custom Software Development

Get World Class Development 

This Software Development Leader was experiencing an overload of software
development tasks causing missed deliverables, cost overruns and inability to
get all the work done with given skill sets. She turned to VNC's experienced
software development team for the
 project management, software design,
software development, testing, and deployment of key projects necessary to
enable bottom line growth and business outcomes.  With our
Data-Driven VNCPropel Platform, the VNC software development team members have all become trusted and credible people and members of her team for continuous improvement and growth.

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Its all about the DATA
Leapfrog The Competition with VNCPropel Platform

A Powerful ecosystem of validated data-driven solutions and certified experts unleashing strategic technology planning and delivery at its' fullest potential. 

Technology Disruptions 

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