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What started in 2018 as a software development, architecture, leadership services and technology assessment company, has transformed into a one of a kind Grow-as-a-Service Platform focused on helping leaders and technology teams accelerate to world class technology strategy that delivers real and measurable business results. With our all-inclusive membership model, our mission is to distill VNC's decades of expertise on key technology accelerators into our Grow-as-Service Platform to help tech companies Grow Better, Grow Smarter, and Grow Faster.   

Key Technology Accelerators

Grow Better

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Grow Better by accelerating the knowledge and capabilities growth of every leader and employee within your technology organization with thought provoking articles, podcasts, on-demand events, and LIVE roundtables with our SMEs and your peers.  Plus obtain formal certification in industry standard technology strategy frameworks, models, and processes laying the foundation for success.

Grow Better

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Grow Smarter by gaining technology strategy expertise, new skills and insight through our working Labs and LIVE tactical peer to peer sessions conducted by CTOs and SMEs with real world experience spanning over 3 decades. Gain skills using proven processes, tools and approaches to develop and implement your data-driven technology strategy and strategic plan. 

Grow Better

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Accelerate time to market with access to highly qualified, certified and vetted technical and PMO resources to help you fill the gaps and build your world-class technology team enabling faster ROI. Hire as a consultant with the right to hire. Also get all the advisory and support you need ensuring success.

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We Are Making it Easier To Deliver on Business Goals

With the only Grow-as-a-Service platform of it's kind, we're the one to trust leading Tech company teams and leaders on their technology strategy journey to Grow Better, Grow Smarter, and Grow Faster. Our all-inclusive membership platform provides our members with access to everything they need to create, deliver and continue to evolve a powerful technology strategy that delivers and exceeds on business outcomes. The membership provides the programs, strategy, trainings, certifications, tools, talent, resources, advisory and connections to the experts they need.

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Who is this Membership For?

This all-inclusive membership is ideal for businesses seeking to be on the leading edge of technology strategy while also applying proven process, tools and approaches to bolster success focused on business outcomes. Each business becoming a member company enrolls as many employees as they like for the same yearly fee. Typical representative roles are those responsible for developing and/or implementing strategy:

  • Mid- to senior-level managers preparing for technology leadership roles

  • Functional department heads and business leaders looking to drive tech innovation and strategy across their organization

  • Senior technology leaders seeking to lead technology strategy, build high-performing teams, and develop strategies for achieving organizational alignment for implementation.

  • Consultants seeking to explore emerging technologies, such as AI and AR/VR tools for enabling tech strategy, and business outcomes in order to offer cutting-edge solutions for clients

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Member Portal 

Our custom-built member portal makes engaging in VNCTech Group easy. Every employee of a membership company receives an account, and within the portal individuals can search for recommended programs and resources, sign up for trainings and certifications, filter by different program types that VNCTech Group offers, and access lots of other special member perks that come along with an all-inclusive  VNCTech Group membership.

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