Great Companies are Built oN Great Technology Strategy

Great Companies are Built on Great Technology Strategy

Uncover opportunities, identify risks, and deliver a technology strategy fueling your organization’s success and transform your vision into reality

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Execute Technology Strategy quickly understand their options, make informed decisions, and take action


Our Mission is to help those who are meant to execute Technology Strategy quickly understand their options, make informed decisions, and take action

VNCtech group understands Business Needs have Changed
We Understand

Business Needs have Changed

IT leaders are often left guessing whether the plans they’ve created and the technologies they’ve selected are actually fulfilling enterprise expectations. Business leaders, meanwhile, frequently fret that IT isn’t fully tuned into actual enterprise needs and challenges. IT believes the Business isn't communicating, and the Business believes IT isn't being transparent. You know they both may or may not be right ... either way, they need to find a way to incorporate technological issues within business strategic decision making.

The Fix

Align Technology with Business Goals for Smarter Decision Making

It really comes down to ensuring your understanding and aligning technology enablers to solving real business problems. 

  • Can we systematically migrate business functions to the Cloud AND provide measurable ROI?

  • What data strategy should we implement that helps us make smarter decisions?

  • How do I implement edge computing and IoT to improve my supply chain

The key to success is focusing on business goals and how technology can be applied to achieve the desired outcomes. This requires a technology strategy and strategic plan clearly defining goals, objectives and actionable decisions. VNCTech Group can help.

Align Technology with business decision making
Insights & Actions, its all about the data
Insights & Actions

It's all About the Data

  • Will a the Composable Business Approach really deliver measurable value?

  • Do I know what my stakeholders want to do and are we in synch across the company?

  • Is our financial data deep enough in understanding dependency and rationalization of my applications so we are making smart business decisions?

  • Are our operational workflows the reason we are seeing our bottom line shrink?

Gathering and analyzing data producing valuable insights and quickly making data-driven decisions is high on many C-level minds. Those who can efficiently work with their data producing new revenue generating actions and optimizing existing capabilities driving greater margin will be the winners.

Time to Fuel Success

Dive into Your Technology Strategy & Plan

Uncover opportunities, identify risks, and deliver a technology strategy fueling your organization’s success and transform your vision into reality. This is not easy to accomplish and sometimes requires more knowledge and outside expertise. So we provide

  • A subscription service loaded with decades of experience, methodologies, strategy and ongoing technical awareness to equip you and your team with the insight you need to make smart business decisions and create a technology strategy and strategic plan FOCUSED ON YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS NEEDS. 

  • Custom services led by our industry and technology experts to help you develop and implement your technology strategy and strategic plan. 

target technology strategy and plan
learn how to enable technology strategy with vncacademy

Learning Path to Success 

Transform Vision into Reality

VNCAcademy is a premier subscription service providing ongoing technology strategy services designed to equip you with insight helping make smarter decisions about technology strategy, strategic planning and implementation enabling greater value for your specific business needs.

  • Subject Matter Experts discuss issues and solutions in technology, leadership and business that real companies of all sizes are facing today.

  • Experienced CTOs provide their own insight and on-demand training modules on proven technology strategy and strategic planning frameworks, models and more.

  • LIVE discussions with out SMEs and CTOs answering any of your questions or to deep dive specific areas.

  • Access to our CTOs, SMEs, and software development implementation teams in the event you need additional on-site or interim help in enabling your technology strategy and strategic plan.

Custom Services Gets it Done For You

Create and Implement Great Technology Strategy & Plan

We provide everything you need to create and implement your technology strategy and strategic plan on your own. Even with this knowledge, many subscribers who go through our program would like to take advantage of our custom services especially after they get to know many of us through the 1:1 conversations and on demand courses. This is why we also provide Technology strategy, strategic planning and implementation services

Create and implement technology stratgey and strategic plan

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If you’re

  • Private Equity

  • C-Level

  • Tech Manager

  • Development Leader

  • Board member 

looking to improve insight and implementation across your company to help make smarter decisions when creating or updating your technology strategy, you’ve come to the right place.


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Its all about the DATA
Insight Continuously at Your Fingertips

A Powerful ecosystem of validated data-driven solutions and certified experts unleashing strategic technology planning and delivery at its' fullest potential. 

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